How it works

Being an InnovaMinex prescriber has INX Benefits

Our affiliate program builds a network of contributors from a transparent, honest and ethical work approach. We want to promote a relationship with the Affiliates, beneficial for all parties and from the confidence that the recommended clients will receive a quality service.


Key benefits for our Affiliates

  • 10% recurring commissions on the price paid by the referred customer. Each time the customer buys, a 10% commission of the paid amount is generated again.
  • Commissions paid in INX.
  • We make different formats and models of banners available for our Affiliates, in that same Client Area, to use on your website or different platforms.
  • Referred clients can communicate directly with our team, without the Affiliate’s intervention.
  • The Affiliate can access following one of these two types of links:

    • Using the "affiliate link to the project website". This link will create a cookie on your guest device, even if they do not buy or register, so they can know about the project. During the following 3 months, if this guest decides to buy, the assigned commissions in INX can be deposited into the Affiliate's account.
    • You can use the "affiliate link to the user register" when the guest already knows the project and would like to register directly. During the following 3 months, if this guest decides to buy, the assigned commissions in INX can be deposited into the Affiliate's account.


Conditions of the Affiliate Program

Download the full Affiliate Program Contract by clicking here

  • Illegal activities, unfair competition (publishing discounts higher than real ones) or spam within our affiliate program are not allowed. Affiliates must use ethical and legal marketing tools.
  • The name of "InnovaMinex" cannot be used within a domain name to promote our project. The user can have a folder called “InnovaMinex”, but not include it in the domain or subdomain.
  • Paid search campaigns (SEM) are not allowed; e.g. Adwords, Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads, to promote landing pages with affiliate links without the company’s authorization and approval
  • The affiliate link cannot be used for own service contracting. It is also not allowed to create customer accounts using the same data (Name, Tax ID number) to receive auto-commissions.
  • In the case of having proof that a referred client has hired a service from us, but has not arrived through the affiliate link, you must notify it to us, and we will link the purchase and assign the commission to your account. The deposit will not be made if the referred contract is already associated with another affiliate.
  • InnovaMinex reserves the right to cancel an Affiliate account, when it understands that the conditions of the program or the general conditions of the services provided by InnovaMinex are being breached by the Affiliate.



In the Reports option you can find the following information:

  • Amount commission on hold: Sum of service fees that are included in the guarantee to request a refund.
  • Amount available commission: Total amount available to request settlement.
  • Liquidated commissions total: Sum of total earnings obtained since the moment you joined as an Affiliate.
  • Referenced membership: tenders report, with information on the associated domain, date of discharge, contracted cycle, status of the service and amount of the recurring commission.
  • Commissions on hold: Commission report related to 10% of the price paid by the referred client.
  • Withdrawals record: Date and amount of the completed commissions settlements.